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Well-Equipped to Handle Your Cesspools

When you choose Busch Bros Cesspool Sewer & Drain of Amityville, NY, you get state-of-the-art equipment like our ultramodern Vactor Model 2100 Sewer and Catch Basin Cleaner. With our help, you can have sand, stones, bottles, cans, grease, sludge and other debris removed from your sewer with ease.

•  Cesspool Pumping - Pumps waste water from cesspool, septic tank, drywell, and grease traps

•  Chemicals - Adding sulfuric acid to your cesspool or drywell to break up or dissolve solid waste

•  Add Bactivate - Adding natural bacteria to your septic tank or grease trap to break down sludge over a period of time

•  Locate and Tag – We find cesspools electronically, so there is no unnecessary digging. To mark future maintenance, we’ll expose the cover and insert a stack pipe.

•  New System Installation - Your systems will fail over time and will need to be replaced. Count on us to guarantee a competitive estimate and professional service in getting the job done.

•  Aeration - High-pressured air will be directed into the bottom of your cesspool or drywell. This will break down the solid waste that has prevented the natural draining process. We also recommend that you do a follow-up chemical treatment.

•  Electric Line Cleaning

•  Storm Drains - Cleaning and Installations

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